Simply Measured: a rebranding case study

Simply Measured is a social media measurement tool that provides analysis to brands across social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.


The company lacked an established brand aesthetic that started with a varied logo, mixed messages that gave it different voices, and no visual cohesiveness. From "Super Powers for the marketer" to "From Data to Deliverables", these messages made it very confusing for the consumer to understand what they were looking at.


Establish a cohesive brand that included a visual brand guideline, literary voicing, and a content strategy that simplified what Simply Measured is in order to further reinforce it as a leader in social media measurement.


The identity consisted of a wave with various typefaces and colors that made it impossible to identify the correct one. After many rounds of revisions, the identity was given a custom typeface to accentuate and compliment the mark, which was also redrawn to correct spacing issues, perspective, and weight. The color was simplified to two, making it easily digestible, versatile, and more powerful.




The product was a combination of late 90's digitized textures with a splash of color from the social media channels and stock iconography in order to identify actions and use cases. The product was completely overhauled by simplifying the color palette, a unified type system, and a custom iconography set that addressed every use case possible within the product.




The website shared the same problem with the product. It was lacking the direction it needed to reinforce the main message, which is, data doesn't have to be difficult to digest and it should be fun, easy, and understandable. Photography was introduced in order to convey an exciting experience for the customer.




Simply Measured had content that was useful but scattered. A system was implemented in order to unify it, making it pleasing and exciting for the consumer who wants more insights of social media. From eBooks to guides and case studies, a library was created as a resource in order to further explain the complexity of social media measurement.


Simply Measured has a brand foundation that can expand with ease, maintaining an aesthetic that is easily recognizable in the community. Below are more examples of the brand's foundation; for a better experience, visit

creative director: aarón mendoza
ui/ux director: daniel worthington
ui/ux designer: paige pauli
graphic designers: matt knorr and devin thomas
photography: aarón mendoza, matt knorr, and devin thomas